Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My first post in a while, I guess I was amused by the new Dahlia Lithwick piece where she takes apart the Bush Administration's handbook for smothering demonstrations. It's sad to see how bad things have gotten, where things we would have thought completely un-American in the Nixon days are now somewhat tolerated.

And I hate people who make statements that unconsciously end in a question mark.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Not thinking too much 

Not thinking too much about how this will all work out. But I’m learning a lot. And I’m getting older.

Went to a “geek lunch” today, and it was nice talking to people.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Almost Civil War 

OK, so the White House admits sectarian violence is the number one thing threatening stability in Iraq (they are re-deploying troops to Baghdad), they also had Maliki come and repeat the “the American occupation is really a war against al-Quaeda” garbage to congress. Things are just as poised for civil war as they always were, but Bush is still trying to control the debate by saying any criticism of Iraq policy is tantamount to appeasing the terrorists. Really quite disgusting.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Its hard to let go 

It’s hard to let go
When you want something and you don’t get it it’s hard to let go. I’d been visualizing the Thing for so long I thought it was really going to come through. I told S that I was letting it go, but I was trying to convince myself more than anything else. Now that I’m hitting reality, I find myself more tired and less motivated than I was before the thing came into my life. But I’m going to try turning the disappointment into renewed energy. There’s got to be more Things out there.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Im trying to sa 

What I’m trying to say is that I’m working towards goals but with diminished faith. I want to learn more programming. I did set up my Linux machine; I’m teaching myself Java and Emacs on it. I took jazz guitar lessons for a good spell, and this year I know a ton more than I did last year.

But I feel like there’s so much farther to go, it’s like there’s all this ground to cover and dude’s getting old. My guitar playing hasn’t been as good as I thought it might have been.  And looking at jobs, I’m seeing they want a lot more experience than I offer. Dude. Maybe I’m unwilling to give myself a break and that’s what it is.


Sometimes your level of confidence is inversely proportional to the amount of knowledge you actually hold on the subject that inspires that confidence. I’m thinking about the next career move and it looks like an insurmountable issue. How will I get anywhere without having years of Java experience? AJAX? I’m coming upon some issues of capacity: I’m just not as able to learn new things as I used to be.

Monday, November 21, 2005

So I actually did it 

So I actually did it. I bought a Micron TransPort GX3 for a relative pittance, and set it up with a Cisco wireless NIC. And I’m wireless. I’m lucky because where I live it’s more or less geek central and there are several hot spots. I couldn’t get the NetGear wireless router to work, but now I can probably eBay it.

So: learning Python on my new laptop in bed. Pretty cool. How is it that you can sometimes get what you want?

Friday, November 11, 2005

my OS challenge 

I’ve been worried that I have no Linux chops at all. So I’m buying a second-hand laptop, I’m going to install Linux on it, and I’m going to configure it for wireless Ethernet. When I told all this to the guy at the Used Computer Store, he sort of chuckled. Hubris? I’ve been checking out Linux on Laptops for some advice, and it looks like many other people have tried it and documented their journeys. The worst thing that will happen is I have a laptop that boots Knoppix.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

You wonder if something that made people happy is a good enough reason to develop. You see inefficient drudgery and you want to relieve it. It's a good impulse, but sometimes it's the wrong way to look at a problem.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Funny piece by Jess Row about the Marcus vs. Franzen thing in Harpers. I recall reading Franzen's thing years ago (and Tom Wolfe's thing before that), calling for fiction that actually spoke to readers and not academe. I'm in that camp, I think the most experimental writer I actually like is Burroughs, and he's really not that "experimental." Naked Lunch is, under the insanity, a novel.

When I was working on my novel (so funny to write that) formalistic issues like "what is a novel?" seemed already played-out, self-obsessed; readers aren't dumb and sort of see through that. As Row's piece points out, the experimental vs. realist thing is really corny and false, because these "experimental" writers are not living in garrets -- or out of their cars with Jack Casady -- they're heading workshops and MFA programs. And how do you account for truly great, ambitious writers who don't buy into any of that, like Don DeLillo?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dick Morris is really rolling the dice on this weird book. What if Condi was telling the truth and doesn't to run? I don't really get who the market would be... do conservatives read Dick Morris? I mean, why would they? Maybe anything works when you use a cover image of Hillary looking pissed.

I was thinking about the Karl Rove thing, and now I actually hope that he doesn't get indicted. Judith Miller's recent piece indicates that (a) since Libby mentioned Plame some 3 weeks before Plame's husband's NYT piece, they probably weren't trying to "get" Plame's husband but were just talking gossiping about how incestuous the CIA yellowcake thing was; (b) Fitzgerald doesn't have anything real, and is fishing for stuff so he'll look like the investigation was "probing"; and (c) the whole idea of reporters being jailed for using anonymous sources is wrong and bad, and anything having to do with it is bad, too (even if it costs Rove his job).

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