Wednesday, October 31, 2001

We should celebrate an anniversary.
T.J. Hooker fandom was changed forever two years ago, when TJ-Hooker.com's 4Adam30 posted the beginnings of what has become the largest and most successful online resource for T.J. Hooker fans everywhere.

I don't think I'm doing the wrong thing. It's just hard when you have so many directions you might take. I think back on periods where I had less freedom. Was I happier? I may have thought I was very happy, but I might have been... contented.

Sugar on her hips, on her lips. You can't always see what it is that makes something beautiful.

Okay, the interface on this Blogger doo-hicky has me guessing. But I already like the way it works. Kind of as simple as you would like, or as complicated as you would like. It straddles both extremes.

Let me just say here that I'm glad to have this space. I had a space, but someone made it not mine anymore.

The weather in my building... very odd. I notice that I wear wool a lot. And it smells. My wool smells like... an old sheep. It's really the curse of those who actually, honestly like the feel of wool on their skin. Sugar loaned me a turtlenecky thing, and man it chafes. But I like it.

Listening to the last U2 CD, and I sort of want to get all teary and idealistic. This has been a weird October, to say the least. We are at war, and people are dying under mortar and bombs. And I'm thinking that I really don't get out very much. Have been renting tons of movies lately though. Rented Anatomy with that woman from Run Lola Run. I'd recommend it, it's rare to see a generically fun horror movie that keeps you guessing. That one was Kate's pick.

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