Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Sometimes it's hard to restrain yourself when a person behaves badly. Sometimes it's worth pointing it out; some people can be helped, and help is sometimes worth the effort. But some people are so stupid and self-destructive, nothing will allow them to see themselves as fallible. Or self-destructive. Or stupid. Think about it: the stupid, self-destructive person has a problem seeing herself objectively. By definition. Just a thought.

5ives is my new favorite thing. A very simple comedic concept -- the list -- done well in a short space. Plus the writer's biographical glimpses make me recall my own (past drug use, suburban music fixations, crushes). This one was my favorite:

Five places that make me nervous
1. Hooters
2. 'Just stopping by this one guy's house for a minute'
3. Bars where women sell shots in test tubes
4. Rooms containing teenagers
5. Anyplace people are praying

Friday, December 19, 2003

I am afraid the sight of people with personal stereos plugged into their head depresses me terribly. They strike me as individuals who are not sufficiently mentally dextrous to pass occasional silent moments in the contemplation of higher things. -- a Prof. Gideon Garter, quoted in iPod is the new sonic boom in The Guardian

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I love these sorts of details:
Personal care products sat atop a mini-refrigerator: a cake of Palmolive Naturals soap, a bottle of Dove moisturizing shampoo, a pot of moisturizing cream and a stick of Lacoste deodorant 'pour homme.' Hussein wasn't starving. The kitchen held a bounty of food: brown eggs, cucumbers, carrots, apples, kiwis and flatbread, plus orange marmalade, canned meat, a jar of honey and Lipton tea.
-- from Small, Cluttered Refuge Was a Far Cry From Luxury (washingtonpost.com)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The paradox of the celebrity age is that the more you see of movie stars, the less you learn about them. The modern gantlet of tabloid shows, talk shows, game shows, reality shows, awards shows, TV biographies and 24-hour entertainment cable stations has trained performers to package themselves airtightly around whatever project they are promoting. Only something as dramatic as an arrest or an emergency hospital visit can poke a hole through the gauzy barriers erected by armies of publicists, stylists and cosmetic surgeons. -- from the Times' 'The Simple Life': With a Rich Girl Here and a Rich Girl There

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