Thursday, April 07, 2005

There's something to all this mediation that makes me completely lost and depressed. It's really a hopeless place, and I recall it pretty well. Then something happens that wakes you up. You're part of a network, no matter how hard you tried to get off that grid. You can't make the choice to go away, hide behind a text editor. It might take a pedestrian's four-letter words to get you to that reality. But there you go.

As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin’ for light in the darkness of insanity.

I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside,
There’s one thing I wanna know:
What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding? ohhhh
What’s so funny ’bout peace love & understanding?

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