Friday, May 17, 2002

Dude! Canada rocks. Why is Canada so damn hip? (via boingboing)

Pretty weird. I guess that people will buy it. It just seems strange to me.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

I love the first cheese sandwich of the morning. Tastes like victory.

Reading Cory Doctorow's posts on the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies conference makes me wish I were there. Kind of like going to the Oscars.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Livermore. Wind: spotted with dry, yellowed grass. Housing developments carved from gray fields and empty lots. Asphalt. Heat.

Most of my workday is spend indoors, in the dark, in a room without windows. I tend to not know what the weather is until I take my walk down the block. My cubicle has a desk lamp and a fluorescent lamp. And, of course, this monitor.

Is light really that important? How much light is enough? Iguizzini (warning: Flash) has created a computer-controlled lighting system called Sivra that work for places receiving no natural light. "By recreating the day's natural light patterns indoors, Sivra aims to minimise the hormonal disruption caused by exposure to bright artificial lights." Iguizzini also has a place called LightCampus, which they claim is "aimed to the culture of light and lighting design."

Part of the call for computer-controlled lighting has come from the dark skies people. Light pollution... when I heard about it on NPR, I thought, "now there's a ridiculous political movement." On the one hand, if you've been away from city lights and have seen the canopy of stars, yes, it's amazing. But really.

When I listen to Joy Division I'm reminded about what music meant to me at an early age. Of course, at that early age, I had no idea what music meant, but I was addicted to it. In particular, I was addicted to the song "Dead Souls" on the b-sides collection Still. Maybe that song's special dread is one only adolescents can appreciate. But "Dead Souls" makes me wonder if the music I understood at a certain age cannot really be understood outside of my memory, just as the ambient light and arrangement of rooms within the Napa City-County Public Library is something so locked in my memory that I could not communicate it to anyone in a way that would satisfy me. Are there memories that you really could not describe?

Remember that when you play hooky to see Attack of the Clones, you are hurting our economy. Like how if you take drugs, you are sending money to Osama Bin Laden. Like that.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Cosima von Bonin makes big installations using interesting shapes. Like capsized-boat shapes and Alice in Wonderland mushrooms. I'd love to take Ivy to see stuff like that.

Thinking about my upcoming class, and I'm nervous that I will fail, that I will fail spectacularly, and that it will divert me from fun things. But then you make choices and the choices you make limit other choices. I have a hard time with time and it's necessary limits. I want absolute mastery over time. I am a baby, a time fascist.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

I am a complete idiot. I just figured out how to loop through form elements to get the form values I want. I know I should have known. But I've only been doing this for like a year. So there.

In reading the Tom Frank book (mentioned here), I am feeling a little warm at the ears. It's embarrassment. In former lives, I worked at Petstore.com, and helped companies like McKinsey and Co., so I have been part of the "market forces are democratic forces" myth. And I was greedy... I was!

I don't feel like you can honestly discuss those kinds of things with other liberals, the things you do for money, the desire to hang on to a middle class quality of life. Nowadays those more liberal than me cannot tolerate this rift between me and them, where conservatives better us at forming "broad coalitions" to get what they want. We Democrats practically invented the "broad coalition." What happened? In some ways, it doesn't matter, says William Rivers Pitt. "The time has come for tactics, pragmatism, and unity on the Left."

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

I have to confess I actually like a song by Jimmy Eat World. I'm really really embarrassed about that.

When I eat lunch early, by 3pm, I am a starving fool. I need to eat every two hours, and in small portions. Does that mean anything about my brain? My upbringing? Why do some people like salty foods? Why do some people like the Shins and others don't?

Oh, yeah Bjork's having another baby. And, according to Reuters, she's "one of the most unorthodox figures in pop." I am one of the most unorthodox figures in single parenthood.

Ended up seeing Peter Sis at the Booksmith last Sunday, and he didn't disappoint. Very unassuming and funny. He wore all black: tennis shoes, linen jacket, bandana, everything black. And he talked about wanting a dog, something that my daughter has mentioned... um, from time to time. He signed our books with very clever drawings. Nice to know that his very detailed books take him a long time and make his editor impatient.

I looked at this site on Alexa, and it says that people actually link to me. Really? I find that pretty much impossible.

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