Thursday, March 16, 2006

What Im trying to sa 

What I’m trying to say is that I’m working towards goals but with diminished faith. I want to learn more programming. I did set up my Linux machine; I’m teaching myself Java and Emacs on it. I took jazz guitar lessons for a good spell, and this year I know a ton more than I did last year.

But I feel like there’s so much farther to go, it’s like there’s all this ground to cover and dude’s getting old. My guitar playing hasn’t been as good as I thought it might have been.  And looking at jobs, I’m seeing they want a lot more experience than I offer. Dude. Maybe I’m unwilling to give myself a break and that’s what it is.


Sometimes your level of confidence is inversely proportional to the amount of knowledge you actually hold on the subject that inspires that confidence. I’m thinking about the next career move and it looks like an insurmountable issue. How will I get anywhere without having years of Java experience? AJAX? I’m coming upon some issues of capacity: I’m just not as able to learn new things as I used to be.

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