Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tired of the negativity, but always interested in the outcome of the insane act.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The new microprocessor also is expected to be able to run multiple operating systems and programs at the same time while ensuring each has enough resources. In the home, that could allow for a device that's capable of handling a video game, television and general-purpose computer at once.

"It's very flexible," said Jim Kahle, an IBM fellow. "We support many operating systems with our virtualization technology so we can run multiple operating systems at the same time, doing different jobs on the system."
-- Yahoo! News - Microprocessor Challenge to Intel Launched

It occurred to me that one day Chris will stop blogging his mixes. A dark day that will be.

I have mixed feelings about Snow Patrol. On the one hand When It's All Over is good. But the more recent one is kind of annoying in a huge, commercial ballad-y way that is almost unforgivable. There's a weird echo of Coldplay in all this.

Willing to hold out. The benefit of a doubt is good. Unwilling to see it any other way. Getting used to the notion of thinking like this. You get used to things. The boiler broke and the temperature is around 55 degrees. I had a cup of tea. Restless and unwilling to do gruntwork.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Strange malaise. Feeling sad and unmotivated. I doubt things that once appeared certain. And I need to read a lot about C# and get a handle on Test::More.

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